In 2011, we were privileged to help lead the launch of the modern cause art movement. We created merchandise to inspire people to share their stories of a better world.

10 Years. More than 10 million people helped.

10+ billion impressions for some of the world’s greatest non-profits.

$7 million donated.

Because #PeopleMatter.

We’ve been through highs and lows, and many things have changed. Now, new movements have come forward, and are carrying the torch: the light of things Beautiful, Good and True.

And so, the Sevenly Story has been written.

Thank you for being part of it. All of our art, everything we have, has been donated to the causes we were created to serve.

The next chapter of the story is for you (and others stewarding it) to write.
Press on in love!

© 2011-2021. The People of Sevenly